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A committed and results-driven boutique governmental and public affairs consulting firm

Who is RepresentGPA?

RepresentGPA is a governmental and public affairs firm committed to serving a select number of clients and their needs, both for-profit and non-profit. We specialize in strategic communications, engagement, outreach and grassroots advocacy across the government, legislative and community relations spectrum.

Our firm assists in development of strategies and programs to establish champions and partners to support public policy objectives including assistance on passage or opposition of legislation, ordinances and regulations.

We take pride in developing and executing understood tactics to navigate through the myriad of governmental policies and regulations to advance strategies and goals.

Areas of expertise

RepresentGPA has expertise in a variety of policy areas. We work with clients to identify and plan for various legislative directions and outcomes and respond accordingly.

Higher Education
Economic Development
Environmental & Energy Policy
Local Governmental Matters


RepresentGPA provides a wide range of services across many areas of expertise.

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